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Surf / Art / Music 4-Day Summer Camp

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Beginner to advanced surf instruction! We supply 8ft soft top boards designed for beginners- equipped with a handle in the middle to make carrying easier, a soft spongy deck, and soft plastic fins- these boards are the safest and most effective way to learn. Although boards will be provided, we encourage campers to bring their own boards so they can progress on what they’ll be surfing on their own time.

Water Safety

Although all kids are required to know how to swim, we will do a brief water safety lesson on rip currents, waves, and spatial awareness (boards, friends, etc.). Aiming to give the kids confidence to feel as comfortable as possible before entering the water. Will touch back throughout the week if necessary.


Using natural muses, we will have a project each week that will aim to teach creativity in the natural world. We aim to show campers how easy it is to make art with natural and recycled objects you can find outdoors or around your home.


Alongside a brief history of the ukulele and its relation to surfing, campers will learn the song of the week. A beginner song aimed to teach basic ukulele chords, strumming patterns, and rhythm. Ukuleles will be supplied for campers, who will split up into partners to help each other learn. Ukuleles and additional lessons available.


MondayWater Safety & Surf
TuesdaySurf & Art
WednesdaySurf & Music
ThursdayFree Day + Pizza & Goodie bags
FridayRain/Makeup Day

**Please bring own lunch Monday thru Wednesday.


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