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Meet the Directors

Introducing the Visionaries Behind WSMS Surf Art Camp: 

Meet Our Directors!

At WSMS Surf Art Camp, we pride ourselves not only on the experiences we offer but also on the passionate individuals who bring our vision to life. Allow us to introduce you to the creative minds and driving forces behind the scenes – our esteemed directors.

First up, leading the charge and steering the ship is our Head Director, Alec Zappone. With 10 years of experience in surf education and a profound love for the ocean, Alec ensures that every aspect of WSMS Camp runs smoothly, from coordinating surf lessons to overseeing the overall camp experience.

Alec, born and raised in the surf industry, has been surfing from the young age of 4 years old and had aspirations of becoming a pro surfer. Eventually redefining the meaning of being a professional surfer for himself through his college days at Flagler College here in Saint Augustine, which is what lead him to start The WSMS Surf Art Camp. Alec graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business, with minor studies in Psychology, Marketing, and Advertising. Alec says that “WSMS Camp’s model was formed around the ideas behind play therapy”, a form of therapy he studied during his time at Flagler College. “Surfing can be very traumatic for young individuals and we have found that by supplying avenues of expression through music and art, kiddos who have been shaken up a bit from wipeout are able to work through it and get back out there much faster. Playing and creating alleviates the focus of the bad wipeout, which are inevitable in the sport, and allows the kiddos to focus on their desire to successfully ride waves instead.”

Coach Alec chasing barrels in Mexico:

Next, we have our Art Director, Sofia Irigoyen. A master of the canvas and a connoisseur of creativity, Sofia infuses our camp with artistic flair, guiding campers through expressive painting sessions inspired by the natural beauty surrounding us in Saint Augustine. Sofia, like Alec, is also a Flagler College graduate where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fine art. Sofia started working with kids in the field of art education during her last years at Flagler College, and continues on 2 years later after graduating. We could not be more grateful that Sofia has decided to bring her expertise to The WSMS Surf Art Camp. Outside of camp, Sofia can be found helping at other art camps in town such as the Budding Artist camp hosted by local artist Jenna Alexander, as well as painting life sized self-portraits that make viewers jaw drop! 

Ms. Sofia deeply enjoying her job at WSMS Camp:

Of course, what’s a surf camp without the waves? Now comes our Surf Director, David Kennedy. With a keen eye for swell patterns and a passion for teaching the foundations that make up a great surfer, Dave helps campers of all levels catch their first wave or perfect their technique, creating unforgettable moments out on the water. Dave is highly skilled at grouping kiddos up based on their experience levels to achieve the optimal experience out in the ocean. Mr. Dave, born and raised in Saint Augustine Beach, was WSMS Camp’s first paid instructor when we first started 5 years ago! Much of our growth as a surf camp is thanks to Mr. Dave’s dedication to fine details, dedication to creating an inclusive surf community, and supplying a very high level of water safety and technical education.

Below is Mr. Dave doing his thing here in Saint Augustine. Take note of his freakishly smooth poise while completing such a technical maneuver:

Last but certainly not least, we have our Media Director, Riley Jo. Behind the lens, Ms. JoJo captures the magic of WSMS Surf Art Camp, documenting every wave, brushstroke, and musical moment to share with the world through captivating visuals and storytelling. JoJo, another Flagler College graduate, doubles as our Land Director. Our dedicated Land Instructor, JoJo, at WSMS Surf Art Camp ensures the safety and engagement of our campers, orchestrating a variety of activities to keep them busy and on task throughout the camp. With a watchful eye and a knack for organization, Ms. JoJo guides our young surfers through land-based exercises, educational sessions, and team-building activities, fostering a supportive environment for growth and fun.

Below is Ms. JoJo soaking in the FUN of Surf Art Camp:

Together, these directors form the heart and soul of WSMS Surf Art Camp, each bringing their unique talents and expertise to create an immersive and unforgettable experience for every camper who walks through our doors. So, join us on this journey as we ride the waves, unleash our creativity, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

See you on the beach!


The WSMS Camp Crew.

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