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About Us

About Us

Our Story

The story behind Where Salt Meets Soul is simple, it’s a centralized idea residing in four individual minds on the concept of light, love, community, and what surfing provides for your soul..

Our mission is to design, develop, serve, preserve, and inspire our community through all that we do. We hope to show all the many ways we have to access our oceans’ benefits.

Here at WSMS Surf Art Camp we aim to teach the younger generation the roots and culture behind surfing, which we believe is driven from creativity and self expression.

It’s not all about the act of surfing for us, but also majorly what benefits to our community and quality of life it gives us.

We strive to celebrate the soulful appreciation of surfing and the community it represents, to share the stoke while promoting whatever vessel or space it may take to have a more connected and safe experience. Happy Campers stay aware, not scared!